In this post, I will be providing you an honest and insight review of Wealthy Affiliate as a platform for individuals who want to learn, practice, and teach Affiliate Marketing. Today, there are an endless amounts of resources and platforms dedicated towards teaching Affiliate Marketing as technology continues to evolve and marketing online to earn income becomes more popular. In the post, I will be hitting on all the qualities of Wealthy Affiliate that make it one of the best platforms to get your online career started. Throughout this review, I want you to keep in mind that success doesn’t happen overnight, any accomplishment worth pursuing takes time, effort, and even failure. Wealthy Affiliate provides all the necessary resources to overcome the obstacles to ultimately become a successful affiliate marketer.

I will be going into detail about the various qualities of Wealthy Affiliate that every member experiences. I will be including what I like disclose’t like about the site. I want to also disclose that if you do choose to sign up for Wealthy Affiliate by clicking the links throughout the review, I will receive credit. However, the initial training course is FREE and that’ll give you an idea if this platform is for you or not after reading this review.

Wealthy Affiliate – A Basic Overview

Name: Wealthy Affiliate



> Starter Membership $0

> Premium Membership $49/Month

> Yearly Membership $359/Year = $29/Month

Ideal Consumer: No Online Experience – Online Expert

Membership Prices

Like all platforms or any membership, a limited time offer is created for you after you initially sign up for Wealthy Affiliate. The Free membership lasts 7 days and at the end of the 7 days, you have the option to become a member for $19/mo. Once you are a member you have access to communicate with the community of millions of members who are also affiliated marketers, software tools that enable you to create websites easily, training courses that are step by step containing videos showing you how to execute the steps, and 24/7 support to answer any questions. After your first month, you can again decide if this is for you or not, you have the option to continue for $49/month or UPGRADE to Yearly for $29/mo.

When comparing pricing to other Affiliate Marketing platforms, this site was the most reasonable in my opinion. Some platforms wanted me to pay up to $100-$300 to have access to one or two training courses. The thing I like the most about Wealthy Affiliate is that you have access to everything once you become a member. The more time you spend on WA, the more you get your money’s worth during that first month, I would really dedicate yourself to ultimately decide if this is really for you or not.

Free Training Course

Upon signing up with Wealthy Affiliate, you will be exposed to 10 free training courses throughout a 7-day span. Through these training courses you will be taught what the main concept of Affiliate Marketing is, how to set up your profile on Wealthy Affiliate because the community here is very friendly and helpful so it’s important to include info about yourself, you’ll learn the basics of building a website and even build the base of your own website, you’ll be educated on how to generate traffic to your website by creating blogs with low competition keywords, and finally how to ultimately earn income by advertising products on your website. These lessons are very educational consisting of written out information along with a video where Kyle, the creator of WA walks you through how to do everything via video.

I personally took this training course very seriously as I really wanted to know if this platform was legit or not. I took notes through each lesson while also asking questions to the community to see if they were actually receptive and genuinely helpful. You’ll find out quick that this is a very collaborative environment just like a regular work environment.

Premium Membership Training

Upon signing up to go premium, you’ll have 5 levels of training courses to go through. Each level of training consists of 28-36 lessons. My personal favorite part of the training on Wealthy Affiliate is after each lesson, you execute what you just learned before moving onto the next lesson. Below are just a few training courses upon becoming a Premium Member.

Affiliate Bootcamp Training

If you want to promote Wealthy Affiliate to individuals just like you, Wealthy Affiliate also enables access to “Affiliate Bootcamp”. This boot camp is made up of 7 courses with 26-30 lessons each. Throughout this boot camp you will be educated on various topics such as website creation, creating content that will drive traffic to your website, branding yourself, and advertising your site on sites such as yahoo and being; the necessary tools to turn your website into a business. I highly recommend going through Premium training for a while first before going through the Affiliate Bootcamp so that if you truly believe in Wealthy Affiliate, you can promote a product you actually believe in, and that’s when things get fun. I decided to go through Affiliate Bootcamp because I know that if I would’ve gone through several other platforms, I may have not stuck with Affiliate Marketing my first few months.

Tools to Build Your Website

I knew I wanted to learn how to create website, but I didn’t want to spend extensive amounts of time coding and I didn’t want to have to pay for all the tools within WA. Once you become a member of WA, you have all the tools and more to make building a website easy. As you can see below, there are tools that hit on each segment of a website from creation to building a significant audience.


The Community – My favorite part.

Wealthy Affiliate is just like every other social media platform except the users all have one primary goal. To learn, teach, and execute affiliate marketing. At Wealthy Affiliate, you will be instructed to create a profile, provide feedback to other individuals consistently, and to create content on what you learn. You can get PAID to teach what you know and host your own webinars. This is what struck me as this is not only a platform to create an online business, but it’s a supportive community to help you, socialize, and keep you motivated to accomplish your goals.

Is This For You ?

When I first joined Wealthy Affiliate I joined with an open mind, but I also didn’t start with a focused business mindset. If you join Wealthy Affiliate, you have to commit time everyday so it becomes a habit to learn and create. You have to treat it as a business, have the mindset if you’re not on Wealthy Affiliate, you’re losing money. I’m still a college student, but I make sure I spend 2-3 hours everyday on Wealthy Affiliate so I’m always learning and executing WHILE ALSO getting my moneys worth. Like anything, you get out what you put in. If you put in time every day whether it’s learning, blogging, communicating, building; you’re on here for around $1.00 a day. Our mind is our most powerful tool and you become what you know. If you’re not willing to dedicate at least 1-2 hours a day, this isn’t for you and I recommend a part-time job if you’re looking for some side money.

Special Bonus For My Action – Takers

You’re at this point now, you can either keep doing your research or you can test out if this is for you. For any investment I’m contemplating on pursuing, I like to try whatever it may be out before I make a commitment. The best part is you have the opportunity to test the waters for FREE. Upon joining, I will make sure I contact you via message within the first hour. The only thing I want you to do upon joining is please set up your profile. It’s simple and you will be walked through it upon joining WA.

How to Claim Your Special Bonus

When you join for your free starter account, I will be offering you a discount on converting to a Premium Member for $19/Month (59% off) if you decide if creating an online business is for you within your first 7 days of being exposed to everything Wealthy Affiliate has to offer. When you create your account at Wealthy Affiliate, you will be receiving a personal message from me regarding more info about WA, how to get help from me, and how to claim your additional benefits with the discounted Premium Membership

Like any opportunity in life, you have to try it out for yourself to really identify if this is for you!


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