Hello and welcome to Affiliate University! My name is Nick and I’m excited for you to be here. I’m a recent grad from Ohio University and created this site to educate ambitious individuals like yourself about the unique financial opportunity there is in the online world especially with the recent explosion of endless social media platform. While in college, I was focused on my grades, be involved in organizations, and of course the social scene. Now that I’ve graduated from college and about to start a full time job, I’m highly motivated to learn about way to general multiple streams of income so that hopefully I can retire within just a few years. I found this opportunity with Affiliate Marketing and the goal of this website is to educate you on what Affiliate Marketing is and what I can potentially do for you IF you’re willing to put in the time and effort. Again, Welcome to Affiliate University and I’m excited for you to be here!

My Experience With Affiliate Marketing

I came across a video explaining what Affiliate Marketing just a few months ago that appeared on my Facebook feed. Upon watching the video, I was immediately interested and signed up for a webinar that would further explain how Affiliate Marketing works. After the webinar, I dropped $100 dollars to further my education only to learn it was going to cost even more money….thousands to complete all courses to be able to eventually earn income. I was disappointed because I saw the opportunity immediately, but knew I didn’t have the money to continue the courses. I was refunded my money……..but I continued to search for more reasonable Affiliate Marketing platforms where I could learn how to earn income from my laptop for a cheap price.

Fast Forward not even 2 months and I’m ranked in the top 20,000 among hundreds of thousands on one of the most Affiliate Marketing platforms in the world. I haven’t made any money yet, but I’m well on my way. WHY? Because I treat this like a business; I dedicate just a few hours (1-3) with focus on learning and practicing what I learn. This platform is called Wealthy Affiliate and it’s more than just a platform, it’s a community of people eager to learn and take advantage of the financial opportunity waiting for them online. For no price at all, you can take a training course with Wealthy Affiliate….if you don’t think it’s for you, no harm no foul. If so, you can sign up with Wealthy Affiliate for just $20 a month. That’s less than 1 dollar a day to have everything available to you to ultimately learn how to earn income through ONLINE MARKETING :)……..if you like social media, creative, disciplined; this opportunity is for you!

Why I Want to Help People

Everyone wants to earn more money, but not enough people understand how easy it is. I’m about to enter the real world and a few months ago I thought the only way to start a side hustle was to get a second job so I’d have 2 streams of income instead of one. My perspective changed when I gave Wealthy Affiliate an honest chance. I was very hesitant that it was another online scam, but after reading reviews and going through the online courses, I’m more than excited I found this platform. My goal for this site is to promote Wealthy Affiliate so that individuals like myself who are eager to do whatever it takes to retire while being young and maybe even only work from my lap top can be exposed to the same opportunity I was! With NO MONEY DOWN, you can see for yourself if Wealthy Affiliate is for you 🙂

My Mission With Affiliate University

The purpose of Affiliate University is to educate individuals on the opportunity there is with online marketing and how easy it is to learn through step by step training courses that Wealthy Affiliate provides. Not only training courses, but tools that make it super easy! Additionally, Wealthy Affiliate is a lot like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram; but it’s filled with individuals who are also learning how to monetize marketing strategies online. You aren’t by yourself and you get your questions answered in minutes. I gave Wealthy Affiliate a chance through the online course…..and then I gave it a chance for one month…..and now I’m here! I dedicate small amounts of time every day and everyday I’m exposed to new strategies and new ideas which enable endless opportunities. I’m now more excited every day because I’m so thankful to be alive during a time when technology can work for me! Some people are reluctant to learn how to use technology….others leverage it to create financial freedom.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Nick Snook