If you’re like me, you were initially interested in affiliate marketing to take advantage of the success of Amazon. The fact that there’s a way to make a commission by advertising products for the most popular online shopping platform is incredible and in my opinion was an opportunity I couldn’t help learning about.

With every new idea or opportunity I come across, I like to do my research before taking action. In this Amazon Affiliate Program Review, I will be discussing everything there is to know about quality of Amazon’s affiliate program and what you can do to potentially earn an income off of Amazon’s success today and for days to come.

Amazon Associates Commission Structure

The first aspect I wanted to learn about was the potential earnings I have if I were to successfully market products for Amazon. Amazon offers over 1 million products in which products are bought every second. Instead of basing your commission off how many products you sell overall, commission rates are determined based off the category of the specific product.

It’s important to review the commission rates of specific categories before determining what type of products you’d like to advertise. It’s almost important to keep in mind that sales add up fast especially on a platform such as Amazon, don’t become too focused on commission rates.

Perks of Amazon Associates

  • Endless products to promote, there are over 1.6 million products at your disposal. The most attractive aspect of Amazon is you can almost buy anything off of one platform making shopping easy and convenient.


  • Easy to Use, when promoting products for a specific company, the last thing you want to deal with is learning a complex system to navigate. Amazon makes it super easy to promote products and keep track of earnings.


  • No Cost, it’s completely free to promote Amazon products and earn money.


  • Customization, your job as a marketer is to create visually appealing ads. With Amazon, you’ll be able to choose how ads are displayed; enabling creativity :).


  • Trust Means Conversion, when it comes to making purchases online. Individuals want piece of mind with trust. Already being one of the biggest online shopping platforms in the world provides brand recognition and trust which contributes to conversions.


  • Convenient Pay-Outs, when your commissions exceed $10, you’re able to request being paid via direct deposit.Earnings must exceed $100 to be paid out by paychecks.


Cons of Amazon Associates


  • 24 timeline, after a reader has clicked on an affiliate link to be directed to the purchase page of Amazon the individual must make the purchase within 24 hours to be awarded earnings. If the product gets added to the shopping cart, you have 90 days for the potential buyer to make the purchased in order to earn money.


  • Low Commissions, commission rates will be determined based on the category products you’re promoting, but if the rate is very low it’d be smart to find another affiliate program for your specific product.


Tips on How to Make Money With Amazon Associates


  • Be thorough with your product reviews. There are thousands of other affiliate marketers who are signed up with Amazon. In order to be a step ahead, include images and photos with your content. Take into account what you’d like to be included in product reviews as you create your own for the public to read.


  • Focus on traffic rather than conversions. Too many individuals who start out in affiliate marketing expect sales quickly. As with any business, your website must attract traffic before conversions can be completed.


Final Thoughts – Is the effort/time worth it?

As with anything in life, before you become really good at something, you must practice your craft. When you begin marketing products for Amazon, don’t expect results right away especially within the first couple months. In order to become a successful affiliate marketer, you must practice a variety of skills that it takes to become a successful online marketer.

I was immediately intrigued at the opportunity to earn money with Amazon, but I also knew there were thousands of other online marketers just like me. In order to earn money online, I wanted to find the best training to learn how to create online ads, websites, reviews, content, etc. I found this training with Wealthy Affiliate. You can learn more about my experience with Wealthy Affiliate by clicking here.


Thank you so much for taking the time to read my review, feel free to leave comments & questions below!





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