You can probably relate to this experience if you’re reading this now. I was scrolling through my feed on Facebook and came across a video of a man explaining how you can make money off companies like Amazon through marketing products. Being an ambtious college student, I was immediately intrigued.

I then signed up for his 2 hour webinar in which I listened very intently and took notes along the way. In this webinar, he goes into more detail of what Affiliate Marketing and how easy it is to create a Facebook Ad and make money off it. Creating a Facebook ad was something I didn’t know anything about and it looked so easy which increased my craving to learn more information.

That’s when you are asked to pay $100 dollars to sign up with AWOL Academy to continue your education and start on the path to a successful life. I signed up immediately and was eager to start learning which led to me completing the first training academy in two days to find out that I was going to have to pay more money to continue my education.

I then realized their strategy, I kept learning new content that I was eager to put into action, they capitalize off this excitement by telling you to pay large sums of money to continue learning. Being a college student, I didn’t have the funds to continue so I was refunded my money since you’re guaranteed money back within 30 days.

Being disappointed, I searched for other platforms to continue my education and start my online business in which I found a platform that was both educational & a reasonable price. Click here to read my experience with this platform.

Even though I chose to discontinue my time with AWOL Academy, I did further research to find out more about the company so I could help other individuals who research a ton before committing to something.

1. Pro Academy ( $99 ) – Initial Purchase.

In this course you will be re-taught what affiliate marketing is. You’ll be shown a step by step process on how to set up your own website, hosting, sales funnels, etc. As I said above, I finished this training pretty fast, I learned new things, but didn’t believe it was worth my $99 dollars. Thats when I learned that I had to pay more money in order to continue the process.

Also in this training, you’ll learn AWOL is very eager to learn how much money you’re willing to spend not only on training, but paid advertising on platforms like Facebook. They talk about how investing in advertisements online is the best way to spend your money. This could be true if we were experienced marketers already, but they try to convince you to spend, spend, spend from the get go.

You’ll also learn about the different tools you’ll need to purchase in order to be successful as you put your skills into action.

LeadPages – Advertisment Builder ($48-$79/monthy)

GetResponse – Autoresponder once someone provides their e-mail ($15/month)

ClickMagic – Tracking System ($12-$17/monthly)

These are a few tools that can be purchased. I would’ve been more apt to want to purchase these tools once I get the hang of things and start earning money online.

2. Inbox Academy ( $297 ) – Strategic Email Marketing

This is where you learn how to be more strategic in your e-mail headlines and creatively get your message across to the reader once they open you e-mail. Again, this is a larger sum of money and I’d want to learn that after I learn how to create advertisements and get people to click them.

I found AWOL teaches you different lessons before others so that you’re kind of forced to buy the next lesson in order to effectively market products and get conversions.

3. Conversion Academy ( $997 ) – Convert Interest into Money

In this course, you’ll learn techniques related to converting people who are interested in learn more, into buyers. These techniques include story telling, live presentation, persuasive language. All of these techniques will increase your sales. Again, you learn this before learning how to gain traffic which helps AWOL upsell to you.

4. Traffic Academy ( $997 ) – Grow Traffic Strategically

In these lessons, you’ll learn how to create advertisements online that people will want to engage in. Instead, as you learned in the first lessons, they want you to spend, spend, spend. If you want more traffic, pay for it!

5. Masters Academy ( $3,497 )

Once you’ve gone through the lessons above, you’ve probably learned how to put your learning into action and you’re earning money now. You’ve also already spent a respectable amount of money as well just on learning. In these lessons, AWOL talks alot about having a positive attitude and teaches you how to manage the money you’re earning.

Teaching mindset in the beginning would’ve made more sense as the #1 reason affiliate marketing doesn’t work for the majority of individuals is because they give up so soon.

6. AWOL Elite ( $9,997 )

You’ve either spent significant funds by the time you’re thinking about purchasing this content or you’re purchasing this first since all the other lessons cost money individually. The only hard part is that you’re potentially spending thousands of dollars on something that you don’t know if its for you!

In this content, you’re guaranteed your $10,000 back for 2 reasons. Its refundable within the first 90 days of joing which is the obvious reason AND you work closely with experienced marketers which can be very beneficial. Paying $10,000 won’t make you sucessful, paying that money will give you the tools to be successful!

You’ll have to do activies such as listening to audio daily, reading daily, and putting what you’re learning into action! When you sign up for this, you have to treat it as a full time job which doesn’t have to be a bad thing if you’re committed!

My Honest Opinion

AWOL Academy can convert highly ambitious and focused inviduals into people who are highly successful in creating income for themselves online. However, in my situtation I didn’t have the funds available since I was a college student and I’m sure others are in a relatable situation as well. I’m not saying AWOL is a rip off either! If you take what you learn and put it into action then you can easily double that $10,000. What I’m saying is if you’re not ready to not only commit that type of money AND TIME, time is your most precious asset…..then I highly suggest looking for different affiliate programs.

Fast forward 2 months later………I’m enjoying my time with the Affiliate Program I found after AWOL. It’s not only a training program, but a community of individuals who are also learning how to become successful online for a WAY more reasonable price. You can sign up for a free trial here OR you can read my review here.

Thank you so much for reading & please leave your comments/opinions below 🙂

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