I’ve always wanted to learn how to create a website for multiple reasons. The biggest reason being I love finding ways to unleash my creativity. As more and more people use the internet daily, the demand for websites continues to increase exponentially. As a young professional about to enter the workforce, a great way to earn a side income would be creating websites for businesses……think about how many small businesses either don’t have a website or if they do, they don’t update it.

Think about being paid for just creating/managing someone’s business website……or maybe selling products strictly from your website instead of having to rent out a building to sell stuff out of……well it’s very possible today.

I always had the assumption that I would have to learn how to code to build a website and that was an immediate turn off for 2 reasons;

1.) Coding isn’t fun at all, you’re essentially entering random letters and symbols into a file hoping you didn’t mistype something or it won’t work.

2.) It costs thousands of dollars to go to coding school. Yes, it’ll probably be worth it as you can get a job with starting salaries of around 50k after. If you’re a full time student, it may only take a year!

But what if you just want to learn how to build a website without having to spend hours coding & without investing thousands of dollars on coding school……there is a way!

Today there are several website platforms that provide you software tools that make it way easier to create websites! All you have to do is enter words and pictures. It’s like a coloring book…..all you have to do is fill in the blanks 🙂

I will be discussing how to create a website on WordPress and describing a platform I used to create websites. I will also provide links to 2 websites I’ve recently started creating in the last 2 weeks through this platform. Please take note I’m still in the early stages of building both these sites.



Choose Your Domain (Link to Website)

The first thing you should focus on when building your website is securing a link to your website. Your link is the gateway to your website. Your link must be unique to what your website is about. Most website building platforms allow you to build your website through a fake link so you can think about what you want your link to be.

Two important things to keep in mind when deciding on a link.

1.) Your link can’t already be a website. You must choose a link that’s never been used before.

2.) It costs a yearly fee to keep your link usually around 10 dollars.

How to build a website on WordPress.

Choose the Title of Your Website

This can be the same name as the link to your website or just simply related to the content of your website. The title of your website will appear next to content you publish on your website. When you create posts on your website, you are also publishing information to the internet so people are able to access your content when they search topics on Google.

This is what will appear on Google.

It’s important that your title is related to your content as it’s essentially the title of your business!

Select the Design for Your Website

There are usually thousands of designs to choose from and ironically can make it harder to choose a design. Once you choose a design for your website, you can’t change it unless you want to completely redo everything you’ve already created. In my opinion, the simple website designs are the best designs especially if you’re new to creating websites.

How to build a website on WordPress.

The design of your website is essentially the outlines of your website, just like the lines in a coloring book. Your job is to fill in the lines with images and writing.

Create a Page About Yourself

Before you get rolling with building your website with content, images, menus, etc.; you want to create a page about yourself. This page is basically all about introducing yourself who visit your website, just like the first conversation you have with someone, it’s the first impression so you want it to be good. You don’t want to go too far in depth, I usually include general information about myself and how I came to building a website on whatever the specific topic my website is about. There a few things to include on this page;

1.) General information about yourself and why you got interested in building a website related to your topic.

2.) Your experience with whatever your website educates individuals on. For example, if your website is about healthy hair products, I would discuss your personal experiences with hair products and what got you motivated to educated others on choosing the most healthy hair products.

3.) Why do you want to help people, let visitors know that your whole purpose is to HELP educated them!

4.) Lastly, what is the mission of your website?

You can find my about page by clicking here; you can use this as a reference!

Create Posts on Your Website

This is how you not only add meat to your website, but it’s also how you attract visitors to your website. When deciding on what to write about, it’s important that each post is related to the topic of your website and it educates your audience on your specific topic of your post. For example, if my website is about marketing online, one post might be about how to create an ad on Facebook.

I usually try to create at least one post every day and I always aim for around 1,000 words, you want your posts to be thorough and educational. You can find some posts that I’ve created recently here.

Customize Your Website

Once you’ve created a respectable amount of content on your website, it’s time to organize your information to make it visually appealing to your audience. There are a few additions you can make to your website through word press;

1.) Site Identity; taglines & icons

2.) Colors

3.) Header & Background Images

4.) Menus & Side Menus

How to create a website on WordPress.

This is my favorite part because this is where you start to see your website begin to take shape.

Website Building Platforms

There are several websites online that you can join to build your own website. However, the platform I chose to join is www.WealthyAffiliate.com . On this platform, you’ll be taken through several training courses that go beyond building your website. You’ll be taught skills such as;

1.) Building your website

2.) How to create content that’ll drive traffic to your website

3.) How to advertise your website/blogs online so your creation will gain popularity

4.) How to eventually make money once your website has captured significant traffic

These are just a few skills you’ll learn in less than a few weeks. Most importantly, you’ll be taken through a FREE TRAINING COURSE to see if this platform is actually for you. If you’d like to read more about this platform, check out my Wealthy Affiliate Review.

Thank you so much for reading & I hope this helped you learn how easy it really is to build a website 🙂

Please leave comments & questions below!


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