The most frustrating thing is spending ample time creating a website with strategic thought, appealing design, and interesting content and receiving no traffic from the public eye. It’s a lot like investing a million dollars into a new business and nobody comes to your business. So much for the saying, “Build it and they will come”.

In this post, I will be discussing the necessary steps take in order to generate traffic to your website at no cost. You might think that’s impossible, that maybe you have to invest dollars in advertising your website on different platforms. That’s the easy route.

Keep reading and learn how creating content at your finger tips will not only grow your popularity, but also big dollars down the road 🙂

Select a Topic to Write About

The first step to building a website or writing a blog is selecting a niche within a topic. There are billions of topics to learn about online which makes it extremely competitive for your specific content to earn popularity or credibility. Select a topic that you’re either passionate or interested in learning about.

If you’re truly interested in or passionate about the topic you’ve chosen, it’ll make creating content that much easier. You’ll feel empowered to share what you know to society. As humans, we naturally want to share what we know to others.

Before you start, pick a niche within your topic! You need to select a specific niche within your topic. For example, if you’re writing about ‘Success Habits’, an example of a niche would be ‘Waking Up Early’, ‘Reading’, ‘Dressing Nice’, etc. Being specific makes it easy, if you’re too broad about your topic, it’ll be harder to stay on topic and extremely hard to attract traffic to your website.

Experiment Popularity of Topic in Google

After you’ve chosen your niche, experiment topics to write about within your niche through the Google Search Engine. You can identify popular search topics within Google by just typing words related to your topic. It’s important to write down a couple ideas within the search engine before analyzing how much traffic the keywords receive.

Also, take note that the more words you type into the search engine, the less competitive the searches will become which is an advantage for you!


Research Amount of Potential Traffic

There are a variety of tools you can use online to see the amount of searches different keywords receive online. With these tools, you can identify a couple things.

1.) A list of keywords related to your selected keyword

2.) Average number of searches the keyword receives per month (50 – 150 is ideal)

3.) Visits to your website if you achieve first page rankings in the Search Engines (Above 20 is ideal)

4.) The number of competing websites with your exact keywords (Less than 100 is idea, Less is better!)

5.) Keyword Quality Indicator (Great, OK, Poor)


Place Keywords Within Your Content

It’s important to place your keywords in your content, but even more important to make your content flow. If you over-load your content with keywords, Google will recognize that and it won’t flow for your reader. Your number one priority as a contributor to the internet is to produce credible content that is both credible and unique to your readers.

I usually place my keywords 3-5 times within my content.

1.) The Title, How to Wake Up Early – Get the Most Out of your Days”

2.) Introduction, The introduction can make or break your content as you’re trying to prove that interesting hook that keeps your reader reading. I usually include my keywords when I’m explaining what the content is about. “In this article I will be explaining How to Wake Up Early and the benefits that come with it that’ll contribute to future successes!”

3.) In Photo Captions, it’s important to include images within your content to better explaining what you’re talking about. It’s a great benefit to individuals who are visual-learners. This is also a great opportunity to include your keywords within the captions of your images.

4.) The Conclusion, As I wrap up my content I always include my keywords at least once in my conclusion paragraph. As you can see, learning How To Wake Up Early will not only contribute to productivity within a day, but also be one of the biggest reasons for your future successes.

Watch Your Traffic Grow Over Time 🙂

As with anything you try to get better at in life, you must practice the techniques in order to start seeing results. I followed these steps consistently when producing content and I started to see results after just a few weeks. It changed from something I went out of my way to do into a habit I practice every time I produce content online.

After your content is complete, you can also advertise your content by providing links on websites that are related to your topic in the comments section, on social media, etc. You are your own business owner. As your content becomes popular, you can start to learn how to make money off of your consistent traffic…..that’s when blogging starts to become fun 🙂

Interested in a Free Training Course?

I didn’t learn these steps through spending hours researching on the web. I participated in a 7-day online training course that teaches you skills like I’ve discussed throughout this article. With this training course, you’ll be walked through a step by step training course via video on how to;

1.) Create a Website

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Learn more about my experience earning income online here!

Thank you for reading & feel free to leave comments/questions below 🙂


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