How to link pages on a webiste. Why would you want to know how to do that? You’ve spent countless hours creating differents posts and pages on your website to create content that’ll attract an audience to your website. The content is the meat of the website. Individuals come to your website to experience the meat. How do you maximize their experience on your website? You keep them interested by offering numerous servings of your website’s meat. The best way to do that is by linking your posts and pages so that everytime a person comes to your website, they can easily navigate to numerous other pages as well.

I enjoy linking because it enables readers to continue learning about information that they were possibly not even interested in at first. It’s just like having a conversation about one topic and then that topic transitions into multiple topics that ultimately create the body of the conversation between you an the other person. In the case of linking, users have the ability to click on words or phrases that they are interested in learning more about.

Linking pages is quite simple to do after your content has been created. In this article, I will be explaining how to link pages on a website along with a few rules to follow in the process.

Identify Keywords

Now that you’ve gotten to the point where your website has a respectable amount of content which makes up all of the pages/posts created, there’s a good chance you’ve referred to common topics within your multiple articles that have been written. For example, my website is all about online marketing so I’ve created articles about how to create a website, creating content, using low competition key words to attract traffic, etc. In this article, I’ve written keywords that’ll refer to other articles within my website.

How to link pages on a website

In this image, I’m writing a paragraph about a Free Training Course and the different aspects it’ll teach you in which I’ve already written about. As you can see, “Low Competition Keywords” is highlighted/linked. If you click on it, you’ll be taken to a post about how to find “Low Competition Keywords”.

Highlight & Link

Once you’ve identified all the keywords that you are able to link that’ll be able to take users to multiple posts within your website, it’s time to link those pages. Simply highlight the word or phrase that you want to link and click the emblem as displayed below.

How to Link Pages on a Website

From this point, all you need to do is insert the url of the page you want the link to take visitors too. I also always make sure my linked phrases open a new page in the browser rather than taking individuals directly to a new page. There is a chance the individual wasn’t done reading the current page they’re on

Once you’ve finished this step, you can open your website in a new page and test out if your link actually works. As you can see above “Low Competition Keywords” will open a new page on your browser which is a post about “Generating Traffic on Your Website” which can be accomplished by identifying low competition keywords.

How to Link Images

Among others linking abilities besides words and phrases, you can also link images. You may have experienced this before when visiting other websites, you see an image that looks interesting or refers something you’re interested in, you click it and you’re taken to another page. That’s what we are talking about here.

How to link pages on a website

Simply insert the image into your post, and edit it so it’s linked to a new page that you want visitors to be direct too. As you can see I’ve edited the image below to take you to a sign up page with a platform called Wealthy Affiliate 🙂 .

How to link pages on a website


A Rule to Keep in Mind

Linking pages is a powerful skill to perform to help your website gain popularity and more importantly, maximize the experience users have with your website. It’s important to limit how many words you link on one page. If you link too often within your content, it’ll seem unattractive to your visitors. I don’t link more than twice within one paragraph. It looks like you’re “trying too hard” if you will. Instead of seeming like a credible source, you’ll come off as someone whose just trying to get individuals to more pages.

A Recommended Platform

Chances are it’s harder for you to link pages than it is for me…….that’s because I create content on my website through a platform called Wealthy Affiliate which lets individuals create websites through WordPress. What is Wealthy Affiliate you may ask….Wealthy Affiliate is a platform that teaches individuals how to earn an income through creating a website that sells products that are advertised on websites such as Amazon. Wealthy Affiliate will teach you how to create a website, how to create quality content, how to generate traffic to your website, how to teach others what you’re able to do, and how to earn MONEY while doing all of this.

The best part is you can try out this platform for free by starting your free trial RIGHT NOW. If you determine it’s not for you, you lost nothing, but at least you tried it out first. So go ahead, try it out and discover this platform that makes it more than easy to build your own online presence.

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