You’ve created your website; blood, sweat, and tears…..but most importantly a great deal of time has been invested into building out your site. You’re 20% of the way there, the other 80% is attracting consistent traffic to your website. It’s kind of like creating your lemonade stand and now you’re looking for attention from potential buyers. There are many ways to advertise your site, the main way is to continually create blogs on your website. The next is to advertise your blogs once they’ve been published……..this is where your social media comes into play 🙂

Install Social PlugIns Within WordPress

How to Promote a Website on Social Media

Social PlugIns are the social media buttons you see on websites when you visit. These buttons enable visitors to share your site and posts on their own social media profiles if they choose to share your quality work. Everytime you create a new blog on your website, these buttons will appear so that visitors can easily share your work.

Social Media Buttons

Create Your Blog

It’s rare for visitors to your website to share your website as a whole to their friends on social media, but it’s very likely for them to share a blog which contains interesting content that they either agree with or are very fond of. People on social media are constantly retweeting, liking, sharing, favoriting content. When they do this, they share the content they’ve just experienced to all of their friends and followers.

How to Promote a Website on Social Media

Share Your Blog on all Social Platforms

Once you’ve published your blog, it’s time to share it on all social media platforms that you’re a member of. If you’re not currently a member of a large social media platform, that’s millions of individuals that you’re missing out on targeting. Think about if the post you’ve shared on Facebook gets 20 likes…..that’s 20 visitors to your site… imagine if the friends of your friends like it…..your site will gain traffic like wildfire.

Simply click on a social media button at the bottom of your blog.

Before I share my blogs, I usually create a short summary of the content of what I’m sharing. This summary will engage and hopefully persuade my audience to click on and actually read my blog. Even if they don’t choose to share my blog, they visited my site when they clicked it. That alone is traffic to my website which helps my site gain rankings within Google.

How to Promote a Website on Social Media

After every blog I usually share my blog on platforms such as Google Plus, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. These are all social platforms with significant audiences.

Why Should You Utilize Social Media

As technology continues to evolve, so do the purposes of social media. The traditional use of social media is to interact with individuals that you either know or know of. It’s a way for people to stay connected no matter where they are. As social media becomes more and more popular, it’s also becoming the preferred way to advertise businesses and products. The online world is taking over…..LOOK AT AMAZON. Next time you scroll through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter; pay attention to the amount of ads you see, this is the future of advertisement.

Do You Want to Learn More?

Believe it or not, advertising through social media is just scratching the surface when you’re thinking about getting your website out to the public. I learned how to do things such as build a website, create blogs, focus on keywords, link pages, advertise through social media, create training sessions through a FREE training course at Wealthy Affiliate.

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