If you’re like me you have a ton of shoes you don’t wear store in some place in your house. You may have asked your friends to buy them off you for a quick buck or you’ve just ended up giving them away. Maybe you’ve even sold them by posting them on Facebook/Twitter or utilized Amazon and Ebay. All of those are great ways to sell shoes, but what if I told you there was a way to not only to sell your shoes online, but also shoes in general that you don’t have to own but you get paid for advertising them. That’s what I’m going to be getting into with this post. I’m going to give you an overview of how to sell your shoes online….along with any shoe that can be sold online!

What Am I Talking About ?

Its called Affiliate Marketing. The easiest way to describe it large companies like Amazon, Nike, Jordan, Adidas have affiliate programs in which they pay individuals a commission if they get people to buy from their online website.

As you can see “Become an Affiliate” is located at the bottom of Amazon’s main page.

How Do I Get Paid ?

Amazon or any company you decide to advertise for will supply you with an affiliate link to advertise to individuals. Usually the way individuals advertise products is either through social media or through creating website, I do both. The companies will pay usuall 8-11% commissions and that can add up to alot considering how expensive shoes can get.

How Can I Learn to Market Online ?

There are tons of online courses out there that teach individuals how to market online, but one really good online marketing platform is Wealthy Affiliate. It’s a platform that contains training for free and you can choose if you’d like to become a premium member if you like the training afterwards. You can see my review by clicking here.

Back To the Shoes

In your situation, theres a couple things you can do if you don’t want to get into creating website, but I highly recommend doing it, and then you could use that as the main platform that creates pathways to your instagram and facebook page.

1) Create an Instagram account dedicated to shoes. Follow individuals passionate about shoes. Include hashtags in your captions, dedicate at least 30 minutes everyday towards building your instagram account. Once your page has at least a thousand followers, can you create conacct info within your bio 🙂

2) Utilize the Facebook Marketplace. You can advertise any product you want to the Facebook community for free through the Facebook Marketplace. You can also pay as little as 5 dollars to run Facebook ads.

My highest recommendation is building out an instagram account or utilizing the facebook marketplace. In time, you’re eventually going to run out of shoes online unless you have a supplier. If you want a never ending amount of shoes to advertise and you’re interested in getting creative and you have focus, I highly recommend checking out what affiliate marketing is all about 🙂

Make Your Posts Visually Appealing

In your post to sell your shoes, you’re going to want to include 2-3 pics of your shoes. The more detail that can be visually seen the better. You are also going to want to include a description of the current condition of the shoes, when and how often you wear them, features that you dislike or like. Create a review for the product your selling!

This is a post on the Facebook Marketplace, Very Easy 🙂



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