Having over 40 million websites, Weebly is one of the most popular website builders among it’s competitors.

Weebly provides all inclusive tools to build your wesbite and grow your day to day traffic. Weebly makes it so that you don’t have to buy, install, and manage all the necessary tools to create a website from scratch. You are essentially renting out an apartment by signing up with Weebly; only having to be responsible for the design and content while Weebly takes care of functionality, security, and construction.

In this review we will be discussing the pros and cons of using Weebly as a website builder platform. We know that when it comes to website builder platforms, you are looking for a platform that is both easy to use and up to date with today’s technology.

Weebly Website Builder Review


Speed & Security

Weebly provides hosting for all websites. Website speeds are optimized and they obtain security that protects websites created from hackers and spam. Additionally, Weebly automatically updates all security tools to keep up with ever changing technology capabilities.

This is a pro as individuals who create websites without a platform have to assign someone to take care of tools that are responsible for speed, security, and backups. With Weebly, everything is bundled together so you don’t have to worry about hidden fees and costs.

Weebly Pricing – Monthly

$0 – Free Weebly will be displayed both in the footer of your website and the domain name.

$8 – Ideal for small projects and you have your own domain name.

$12 – Includes additional features such as audio, videos, etc.

$25 – If you’re looking to create a website to advertise services/products, this is ideal.

$38 – This is the premium package, ideal for big companies and online stores.

Overall, Weebly pricing is very competitive amongst competitors. One ideal aspect of pricing is you’re able to use Weebly for free to see if it’s for you. Some competitors force you to pay out money before being able to use their platform. You are also able to switch packages at anytime.

Site Building Process

This quality of Weebly is the most responsible for “ease of use” for users. The main reason people join Weebly is they don’t have to write HTML or CSS code. It’s as easy as dragging and dropping elements on the website outline. It’s just like building a puzzle, you’re responsible for creating your own pieces.

Weebly Website Builder Review

Onboarding + Education

Upon signing up with Weebly, Weebly offers training via video to help users navigate through the platform and understand the many uses that the platform offers. The platform also touches base with users via e-mail to offer assistance. Lastly, there are informational buttons that explain the many feautres and tools of Weebly. It is all available to make the user experience as seamless as possible.

Built-in Features

If you decide to join a platform, Its very important to make sure all the tools and features are bundled into your membership so you don’t later realize there are additional costs for certain features. When it comes to Weebly’s features and tools, they have all the basics such as blog functionality, contact forms, etc.

If you go the platform route, it’s key to make sure they have all the features you want and need. Weebly includes features such as forums, membership options, uploading files, and the option to include advertisements. Additionally, Weebly is always updating their tools to keep up with technology so nothing gets outdated.

Customer Support

Free account users are offered on-call customer support via a knowledge base and e-mail. Response times to questions are relatively quick. Paid accounts are provided support via email, chat, and phone. Resonse times are also relatively quick.

Because Weebly is an all-inclusive platfrom, customer support is able to solve just about any user issues. This is a huge advantage for users and individuals who aren’t on a platform have to seek outside help.


Platform Lock-In

One huge disadvantage of using Weebly that users don’t encounter until after they’ve created their website and they’re in the stages of attracting traffic is “Platform Lock – In”. Weebly is a great platform to building your website, but it’s not the best for learning how to attract visitors. This is what turns users away. You will be able to tranfer your website to other platforms, but it’s very difficult and will require you to manually re-create content which can be potentially very time consuming.

Again, migrating websites to new platforms will always be difficult. It’s just something to be mindful of as you decide if Weebly is for you or not.

My Final Thoughts

Weebly as a website builder platform is an excellent platform to get your website built…probably the best platform you can use to create your website. The drag and place feature makes it extremely easy to understand and create. The only objection I have to using Weebly is the stages after your website is built.

After your website is finally built, you are now focused on attracting visitors. You attract visitors by improving ranking on Google so that your website link will show up when people search specific topics on Google. For example if your website is for your mexican restaraunt in Los Angeles, it would be ideal for your website to show up on Google when someone searches “Mexican restauraunts in Los Angeles”, etc.

There are so many more steps to creating a popular website to where just creating your website is only scratching the surface. That is why I chose Wealthy Affiliate as a platform. Wealthy Affiliate uses wordpress to build out your website AND provides training as to how to gain traffic to your website after it has been create. You can learn more about Wealthy Affiliate by reading my review.

I’ve had tremendous success with Wealthy Affiliate as it provides endless tools, features, training courses, webinars, a community of online marketers, etc.

THANK YOU for reading my review and feel free to leave comments/questions below!



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